How Criminal Injury Claims Work

When you are injured by a criminal- it turns into a traumatic event in your life, doesn’t it? You think that the event is over and you can get back to living your normal life- but in reality- you just cannot. In fact, the incident keeps bugging you mentally.

You are already injured and the thoughts make you even iller. Furthermore, there is the financial load as well. When it is someone close to you who is injured- the responsibility on you can feel quite daunting. In such cases, you can seek support from criminal injury claims.

Criminal Injury Claims: When can you make a claim?

When you think you have been a victim of a crime and you think you deserve the compensation you can make a claim. These are the usual cases when you can:

  • Sexual abuse as either a child or an adult.
  • Physical assaults.
  • Stabbing incidents that have left scars.
  • Hit and run cases of cars.
  • Brain injuries because of assaults.
  • Bereavement of someone because of the assault.

You see, all of them are quite serious cases. So, the compensation is not taken lightly.

What do you need to make the claim?

The very first thing when you are attacked by a criminal is to report it to the police. Apparently, some solicitor firms do not even accept the claim if there is no police record of the crime happening.

However, there are firms that help you to get compensation even if the criminal has not been caught, convicted or recorded. Because- it was the state’s job to protect you and you had no fault in it.

Apart from that, it is best you keep any evidence you can. Your injuries will speak for themselves and so will your medical reports. In fact, keep your medical information carefully because they will be useful for determining the amount of compensation.

Furthermore, keep track of any extra expenditure or change your face when you are going about daily. This will help determine the cost caused due to the incident.

Who can you claim for?

You can make the claim for yourself, or a child who is under eighteen years old or a bereaved relative.

Who cannot claim?

People with their own criminal history does not usually get to make a claim in these cases. Even if they do, they rarely get compensation. However, most common people who do not get to make a successful claim are:

  • A sentence that excludes the person from rehabilitation facilities.
  • A custodial sentence for a time period.
  • Service detention sentences.
  • Banished from Majesty’s services.
  • Community orders against it.
  • Youth Rehabilitation Orders, etc.

Criminal Injury Claims: The Compensation You Receive

The special thing about this type of claim is that you can get compensation even if they have not caught, convicted or recorded the criminal. Fortunately, you get compensation for the following things:

Direct Damages: This includes your medical support or expenses. Furthermore, it may include the direct costs of things you had to buy or repair. If you are taking care of the victim, then it may include the cost of the rehabilitation as well. This is why it is important that you keep track of the costs you incur as the authority needs solid proof on it.

The Indirect Damages: Crimes are traumatizing. As a result, you may have not been in the right state of mind to be attending your office and more. You may have missed wages and incurred more costs. The compensation will take into consideration all these long term expenses as well.

And in this case, Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin is ready to help you to getting you criminal injury calims.

In Conclusion

If they catch the criminal- it is obligatory for him to pay- that’s justice, that’s fair. However, when he is not caught- your misfortune should be taken care of as well. So, you must make a claim no matter what.  

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