Buying a car is not as expensive as the cost of riding and maintaining it. Over the years, you spend more on your car than what you initially spent to buy it. However, the convenience really does deserve the price.

But, when you go through a car accident, it gets emotionally, physically and financially very tough for you. While a car accident is a terrible thing, you should always try and look at the bright side. The bright side here can be- the accident was the other vehicle’s fault.

You will have to get over your trauma on your own but you can get over the financial difficulties with law’s aid. This is through car accident injury claims. Apparently, you will have to qualify for a few conditions in this case and fight hard.

Winning a car accident injury claim can be hard. Therefore, it is best to either have prior knowledge or all the knowledge you can gather now. This is not just for the financial backup but also for you and justice. A driver or owner will be very careful the next time he decides to be reckless enough to hit a car and injure someone.

What are car accident injury claims?

You may have been in a car accident which was not your fault and suffered injuries. In this case, you can demand compensation for the injury and loss caused by the at-fault car’s insurance or owner. The claims may be of various types which we will discuss quite soon. 

You can either sit at the negotiation table for getting the compensation or go directly to court if the opposition denies you your rights.

What should you do when the accident occurs?

Before we get on to the types of claim, it is necessary for you to know the steps that can lead to a claim. There are some absolute necessities you must do in order to file a perfect winning claim.

Get Medical Help Immediately.

Car accidents can be fatal even when you do not think it is. You may feel completely alright when it happens and the next day you know something is wrong in your head. This is why the first thing you have to do is check yourself and others injured around you.

Then, call for medical attention immediately. It does not matter if you think you are fine. This is also an essential step for a lawsuit as the court needs proof of how exactly where you injured.

Call the nearby Police Officer.

Apparently, when you file a claim, you must have support from trustworthy institutions. Also, you need the existence of your accident on record. If you call a police officer to the scene, he can allot you an accident case number.

Keep that case number so that you can use it to show to the court that the accident actually occurred when it occurred. If the police officer saw how the accident happened, then even better. You get a professional witness in this case.

Note down the driver and car details.

It’s not your driver’s or car’s details that we are talking about it’s the culprit’s one. A hit and run case is different but this probably the first thing you would do on a hit and run case. However, even if it’s not such a case- make sure you have the driver’s phone number, email address, license information and the car number noted down.

Or else, if you let him go, which you have to for the day, how will you get him to court?

Keep Records.

When you go through the medical procedures keep a record of the financial loss it is causing you- all kinds. The medical expenses, the loss of fees from your work, your transportation costs, etc. This will help your lawyer determine a reasonable compensation amount for you.

Not only will it cover your requirements, but the opposition also will not be able to oppose it because it will be so accurate and detailed.

Take Pictures or Videos.

You will need as much proof as you can in order to prove the other party’s guilt. Getting pictures and videos of the incident is quite easy. People around you, those who were not helping will probably have stacks of it. Therefore, communicate with them to collect the pictures or videos.

Apparently, this will get you some human witness as well- so you can collect their information as well. You will most likely not be in a state to thinking of pictures or videos- that is why we are mentioning this just so you know- it will make the future easier.

Caution: Don’t sign on anything the insurance company sends you before you consult with your lawyer.

The insurance company may act all sympathetic and nice to you saying they put your interest first. However, they care about their profits and they will probably come to you for an early settlement. If your treatment is not even over yet- what is the company paying for?

So, do not fall for such traps and do not sign on anything you may regret later.

The Types of Car Accident Injury Claims

It is not only your medical expenses that you can claim for. You can ask for different kinds of compensations and most of them in quantifiable terms. Let’s see what you can ask for.

Medical Bills: The first thing you need to pay for when in a car accident is the price of treatment. Since it was not your fault so it should not be for you to pay. Therefore, you can claim for medical bills to be paid by the at-fault owner of the car.

Rehabilitative service fees: You may have been mentally shaken from the incident or even worse, physically damaged. In such cases, if you have to be admitted to a rehabilitation center, then the high costs for it are on the culprit.

Lost Wages: You cannot possibly work after being in such a terrible car accident. In fact, you need your recovery and rest. Thus, the wages you miss out on during this time are something you can claim for.

The damage caused to the car: Why should you have to pay for the damage that you did not even cause? The scars on your car and if the whole car is destroyed then it is on your culprit to take care of it.

Apparently, the repairing and replacing costs can both fall on them.

Rental Car Charges: While your car gets fixed, you need some kind of transportation and why should you pay for it? You can claim for such expenses to be paid as well.

Funeral Costs: If someone died because of the other driver, then you have lost beyond measure and you should not lose more. This is more of a courtesy that should be done by them, not through law. But, if they do not help you then feel free to use the law because you can.

In conclusion

Car accidents are very stressful to deal with and you want as much support as you can during this time. The worry about finances can break down your health even more. This is why you need help from lawyers for car accident injury claims.

You have a very good chance of winning such claims. Although you may not get everything back, it will still bring some amount of peace in your life. And In this case, Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin is ready to help you in getting your car accident injury claims.


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