Luck does exist but you cannot blame everything on luck. Sometimes there is a reason behind things happening. When you have an accident at work that injures you, it is either that workplace and someone in it at fault or it’s your own fault.

You cannot always even blame a person for what happens but the whole situation it happens in. However, that does not minimize your loss or pain. This is why work accident injury claims exist. So, you can recover in the right way, feeling that something or someone has your back and not stressing out.

What is a work accident injury claim?

You may injure yourself at work for many different reasons. In fact, you may injure yourself outside your workplace because of the kind of work you have to do. Whatever is the reason, if you think it is the fault of your employer and workplace conditions then you can ask for compensation.

Now, this compensation can be of various forms and the nature of your injury and loss will determine what you can gain. It is best to consult a personal work accident injury claim solicitor to know what are your options and what you should go with.

Work Accident Injury Claims: The Cases you can Claim for.

The environment of workplaces vary and it is not always you slipping and falling or getting into a fight that can cause injuries. It may be a broken machine that you have to use which your workplace is not fixing. As a result- you injure yourself when dealing with it. So, let us check out the situations in which you can claim for compensation.

Accidents at Construction Sites: If you work around construction sites then you have a lot to be careful about. In fact, it is one of the riskiest places to work in and everyone around is usually careful. The labors have each other back as well.

It is the company’s responsibility to keep the workplace safe for health. So, there should be safety harnesses, well-protected ladders, machines that are safe to use, proper training, and safety against various substances. In the absence of any of these, accidents may occur and the company has to take responsibility.

It may be your fault that you fell off a ladder. But, the company is liable to make sure it does not happen again with someone else by ensuring stricter safety laws.

Accidents at Factories and Warehouses: Factories and warehouses are filled with tough-looking machines. Employees are to wear safety gears, have proper training on how to use these machines. When they lack such measures, accidents happen and the company is to blame.

Also, the machines should be in full working condition without any defects.

Accidents in the Military: The soldiers enrolled are supposed to go to war and sacrifice themselves if necessary. They are precious and they should never have to face any accidents due to negligence in their own workplace. The military should teach them proper ways to use weapons and conduct all other complex activities without putting their body at risk.

Accidents at offices: Slippery floors, Defective machines, etc. Can cause an accident at offices. If you sleep it’s your fault that you did not see a puddle of water. However, it is the company’s duty to keep a “Caution, Wet Floor” sign to keep you aware. In such cases, you can ask for some compensation for the loss caused.

As you can see, different workplaces require different kinds of safety measure. And, it is essential that companies take these measurements to maintain a safe, healthy and ethical workplace. Employees are assets, you can make them work for hours but it must be without harming them. If you harm them, you have to pay.

1. Work Accident Injury Claims: The Types of Compensations Depending on how injured you are and how much the company is at fault, you will receive different kinds of compensation. Let’s check out the kinds you may receive. Payment of Medical Expenses: Accidents are not planned for and you may have to spend quite a lot to recover. As a result, it is only logical that your employer has to pay for the medical fees incurred because of the accident. This will help you have a stress-free recovery.

2. Payment of fees while on medical leave: You will have to be on leave while you recover based on the intensity of your injury. If you do not receive the salary for the time you are on leave, you will get more sick thinking of your finances. This is why, if the employer is at fault, you should receive your fees for the time you do not work when under treatment.

3. Compensation for an opportunity missed for the injury: You may have gotten a promotion, a bonus or gone on a business trip if you were not injured. So, if the company is to blame for your injury, you can ask for compensation for missing those opportunities. It may not be full but a certain percent of it will be good enough too.

  • Payment for holidays or trips: You were probably going to have a great holiday somewhere and you had already booked your ticket and room. So, the accident happens and you just cannot go now. The company should be liable to give you the same trip and holiday that you just missed.

5. Compensation for Mental Stress or Damage caused: The accident may have had a serious traumatic effect on you that may influence your daily performance. Now, it is heard to calculate such damage but work accident claim solicitors can help you quantify it. Then, you can ask for the compensation.

  • Constructive Dismissal: If your employer does not respond to your claims or you the way you need to be responded to then it may be time for constructive dismissal. This is where you resign because the workplace situation no longer suits you. It may be because your employer is being rude and unfair to you after the accident acting as if it’s your own fault. You can gather evidence against the employer and leave the job with compensation. But, make sure you consult with a solicitor before taking such drastic steps.

There are many other types of compensation you can receive based on what you lost.

Work Accident Injury Claims: The To-Do List

1. Consult the office first aid.

The moment you get injured you should immediately ask for help from an experienced person. A company should have both a first aid kit and someone who knows how to deal with it. Any injury may seem light initially but may prove to be life threatening.

2. Notify a trusted colleague.

You will probably not be able to come to work while you get treatment. In the meantime, your employer may fear that you will file a claim and remove the hazard. With a witness or a colleague who knows what happened, investigators will be able to know what was changed to hide evidence.

3. Collect Evidence.

You may not be in the right mind to be collecting evidence when injured but you can ask others to. If your employer denies anything you will need all the evidence you can get your hands on. Photos, videos, other victims, anything will do.

4. Keep records.

Keep a good record of the medical expenses and injuries you are experiencing. Along with your fees, and other losses you encounter because it will help you finalize a claim.

In conclusion

Legal measures can be lengthy, stressful, and expensive. But, if you know your rights, your situations, and your wins, then you can minimize expenses by being aware and careful. You already lost a great deal of peace through the accident so make work accident injury claims to gain something if it is really someone else’s’ fault. For free consultancy form Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin on your work accident injury claims just fill up our contact form. We will contact you within a short time.

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