The company you work at or worked at require you to have a specific set of skills that help you do the job perfectly. If you are not working at a law firm, it is natural that you do not have a lot of knowledge about laws. Even if you have been a delinquent or criminal, that only exposes you to a broader world of law.

This is why you may need the help of employment solicitors at some point in your career. They may come at a cost but they usually are of great, long-term help. Furthermore, they establish justice in this cruel world.

When it is an individual against a firm or senior, it is obvious that you need all the help you can get. The best help you can get is from the law. Because the law is what protects the weakest or those who deserve to be protected in a country.

What exactly do employment solicitors do?

An employment solicitor basically represents an employee or an employer. He has three following functions:

 Gathers Information: If you have consulted with an employment solicitor about your work then you can leave all the research up to him. Apparently, he will use his knowledge from degrees and experience and also find out about your company, you and your job. Then, he will put two and two together to make four.

After that, he can work on what you asked him to work on.

Explains your rights: As mentioned earlier, you do not know about the laws of the firm or the ones concerning your job. But, employment solicitors do. As a result, when you are confused about what you think you should receive but are not receiving- the solicitor can help you out. He can sit with you and tell you all about your rights and the claims you can make.

Explains your duties and the laws: If you are the employer then you will be in contact fear of offending your employees. An employment solicitor puts you at rest by evaluating your situation. He will help you formulate laws, regarding things like punishments, and keep it within the legal limits.

It will let you operate the company efficiently while not upsetting the employees. You will know that you are not breaking any laws. Especially ones related to race, discrimination, religion, culture, nationality, etc. Furthermore, employment solicitors help you not break any environmental laws either.

Helps with Contracts and Claims: If you have a suitable claim against the employee or employer, it is the employment solicitors who can help you. In fact, he will not only help you form the contract or claim but help you take legal actions. Litigation is one of the most important jobs of an employment solicitor.

Negotiations: An employment solicitor will not only provide you the best advice but will also help you negotiate. He will know well about what you can demand and what the company will be willing to provide. Furthermore, he will help you establish firm reasons and logic behind the demand.

Employment Solicitors: The Issues they help with

While the situation for a case may vary from person to person, the subject matter is quite common throughout the world. Almost all the employees and employers consult with law solicitors for similar reasons. It is mostly the employees in need of help rather than employers.

Let’s check out some of the common issues that rise up.

The Contentious Area: This is where the solicitors help with things that are not ugly or blaming. In fact, they just help to make the results better and more accurate. For example, this includes, telling you about your rights and duties. Then, you can seek the help of an employment solicitor to establish a good negotiation.

The Non-Contentious Area: Well, this is sadly where some wrong may have occurred. The rights of employees can be violated in many ways and this is where employment solicitors play the most important roles. They play the role of people assuring justice. The types of issues are:

  • Unfair Dismissal: At times people deserve their dismissal and at other times they do not. It may be no fault of their own or performance, but the employer just dismisses them. You can take legal actions if you think it was your sex, race, age, disability or religion that caused the dismissal.

In fact, there are strict rules against such discrimination everywhere. And, dismissing people based on these is taking it too far. You can go straight to the Human Resource department with your complaint but if that does not solve the issue- the employment solicitor is your go-to option.

However, there are some conditions you need to fulfill. Firstly, you can claim unfair dismissal only if you have worked for two years with the company. Furthermore, you have to report it within three months of dismissal. You see, there are time limits on such actions.

  • Disciplinary Measures: The company will have some basic rules and culture to follow. These things should be in the best interest of the people working there. In fact, the health and safety aspect of the employees is the most important factor in this case.

Health not only means the physical one but the mental one as well. For example, rules for remuneration and punishment can be too tough on the employees. In such cases, the employee may find it abusive.

An employment solicitor can help an employer make the correct rules for the company and the employees. In contrast, the solicitor can help the employee take legal actions against the employer if the basic standards are not maintained.

  • Wages and Compensation: There is usually a minimum standard of payment for the welfare of the employees. Many companies do not follow it and get away with it. Why? Because the employees do not know their rights and do not consult an employment solicitor.

If you think you are not being paid enough, you can check it and seek the help of a solicitor. He can tell you what you deserve and help you with actions to gain it. Furthermore, the solicitor can help employers decide on a fair wage as well.

The same is the case with compensation. For workplace accidents or related ones, or sick leaves, there usually is a separate compensation. As a human, you cannot always be at your best so compensations are important and a solicitor can help you to claim it.

  • Discrimination: Well, this is nothing new. People get discriminated at work for various reasons. If it’s the skills and experiences, then it’s fine but if it’s not- then it’s not fine. Apparently, if you think you are being discriminated from others because of your age, sex, race, ethnicity, disability or religion, consult an employment solicitor to put the employer back to his place.
  • Harassment: This is another common and ugly one. If you think someone at work is intimidating you, making sexual advances, or not giving you what you deserve because you do not do the inappropriate things you ask, then it is harassment. Apparently, it is not only physical but verbal as well.

 You can take legal actions and take the case quite far to put the person where he belongs. And, an employment solicitor will help you in this regard.

  • Class Actions: When a group of employees suffers from the same discomforts- then they can form a group to take action against the employer. An employment solicitor helps in this regard as well.
  • Third-Party Lawsuits and Union Issues: If you have claims against a third party, not your employer, the employment solicitor can still help you. Furthermore, he helps with union issues as well.

In Conclusion

You do not know when the law can save you and most often it can. The easiest way to know how it can be to consult with employment solicitors who will give you all other information. In fact, h will let you know that you are not alone in his fight and he approves of your actions. So, does the law.

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