How PIAB Injury Board can help you on your injury claiming

No one wants to go to court even for once in their whole life. Except for lawyers and other people pursuing careers in there, of course. And, maybe a few tourists just for site seeing. That is probably why- it is quite hard to go to court unless you have a very serious case. When you have suffered a personal injury and want the guilty to pay for your loss- you can take yourself to the PIAB injury board to sort the matter out easily- with lower costs.

Now the question is how exactly does the PIAB injury board help you in matters of personal injury claims? – in a very simple way actually. Let’s get to know them!

How the PIAB Injury Board works

You may have suffered a personal injury and there is someone you blame. It can be just another random person or it could be someone at your workplace or your workplace itself. Whichever the case, personal injuries do not only come with physical pain but with mental and financial losses as well. Therefore, it is necessary that you get the money back that you lost for no fault of your own.

What you can do to get it back without involving the court (just yet) is to claim a personal injury at the PIAB injury board. Once you do what PIAB does for you is:

  • Checks the claim: It receives your claim and reviews it checking if it is the type of claim they handle. You have to send a medical report along with proof of the damages caused by the injury. PIAB checks all of it and decides if it is their case. If it is they move to the second step.
  • Contacts the accused: You can consider PIAB to be a very peaceful government body. Apparently, it does not force anything on anyone- but just acts as a mediator. When it sees that your claim is authentic- it contacts the ones you accused to see if they have a similar point of view for the situation.

If the accused group denies involvement, PIAB decides that it is not their role to convince anyone that they are guilty. It actually contacts the accused mainly to gain permission to estimate the value of the loss- the price they have to pay.

So, if the accused denies- PIAB leaves send the case to court. Because it is the court’s role to see if someone is guilty or not.

  • Finds out the amount for compensation: If the accused are actually guilty, they are afraid of the higher costs that denying the claim and going to court will incur. As a result, they may admit their fault and let the PIAB conduct their assessment for finding the value of the injury caused and the amount to be paid.

So, with the accused acting gracefully- PIAB proceeds to measure the amount the accused has to pay. Apparently, it measures a number of things and also puts a value on certain factors that are not quantifiable. These are:

General damages: These are the damages that your injury directly causes. For example, it may include the cost of medical treatment, admission, rehabilitation, mental trauma, etc. Furthermore, it considers the gravity of your injury and pain as well. If the case is mental then it becomes a hard way to measure the value- but leave it up to PIAB to figure it all out because after all- they are the experts here.

Special Damages: Injuries affect you in various ways- you may be absent from work for quite a while missing out on your wages. Then, you may be taking expensive rides daily because your car is in repair. Furthermore, there are costs for repairing the car as well. These other damages that the injury causes indirectly are the special ones and often cost a lot- becoming the real problem for you.

PIAB takes all these into considerations and offers you a deal you cannot refuse. But, which the accused may refuse.

What happens if the Defendant does not comply?

 The defendant in his defense- may not agree that he is to blame. Again, he may not agree with the compensation he has to pay. In both cases, the case will go to court but on different levels.

If the Defendant is claiming to not be guilty: This is where all the evidence you have kept, comes in. The judge and his court try to find out if the accused is actually guilty. And, they will do anything to prove not to be because the costs will be much higher than that of PIAB’s claimed compensation.

Witnesses will be called, one of which will be you yourself and cross-examined. So, it will be quite a stressful situation.

If the Defendant does not agree to pay the amount set: In this case, the court and judge only check if the amounts that are said to be paid are actually fair. All the necessary data will be examined to determine if the amount actually represents the loss the injured person has incurred. And, then the defendant must pay the amount that the court decides.

What you have to do for the best results

 You are not familiar with state laws or the cunning games companies can play to keep their finances unharmed. Therefore, you need a professional. What you have to do are:

* Hire a solicitor: Yes, it can be expensive but it is nothing compared to the compensation you will get for the way you suffered. A solicitor will be able to do just the right things to keep you safe. You do not even have to worry about anything.

* Disclose the full event: Tell your solicitor every detail you remember about what happened. There will be things that may reduce your compensation but tell those to your solicitor as well. Full disclosure and the truth is necessary.
Show the medical reports and expenses: The solicitor needs these data to make sure that you can have a solid claim- he will appeal to the PIAB in the best way possible when backed by substantial data.

* Provide him evidence: Pictures, witnesses, videos or records, whatever it is- tell your solicitor about it- he will be able to protect the evidence and use it well.

What your solicitor will help you with

 When PIAB determines the compensation you will get, your solicitor may arrange a settlement meeting between you and the accused. There, he will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of accepting the determined compensation. You really need the advice of a professional in this case. And here Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin always ready to help you on your personal injury claims.

What does PIAB get?

 PIAB does not ask you to pay at the very beginning. Apparently, just like courts it just asks for a percentage of the compensation you receive. It needs to survive as well so that is what it lives on.

In conclusion

You can solve your problems sitting at home or just attending a few meetings through PIAB. Courts come with a much higher price and also more stressful scenarios. Therefore, PIAB injury board acts as a blessing in these cases. Furthermore, you can get free quotes from us. For free consultency you can fill up the contact form given bellow.

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